Our Doctor

Dr. Min Zheng

Dr. Zheng has been engaged in clinical orthopedic work for 17 years. Dr. Zheng has successively studied in Bengbu Medical College, Soochow University, and now studies in Montpellier University for his Doctor's degree in Medical and health Management. In 2006, he learned the professional knowledge of joint and sports medicine under the tutelage of Chinese-American Professor Zhang Zhongnan. He has participated in joint exchange learning and training in Singapore Central Hospital and The University of Hong Kong, published several papers in core journals, and participated in the compilation of Practical Bone Science. He is head of Lemon Doctor Group, organizing training, consulting and operating medical related work.

Dr. Zheng is the Joint Expert of The GLG Consulting Organization and member, International ISAKOS Joint Association.He has rich clinical experience in comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of shoulder, hip, knee, elbow, ankle, wrist and other joint diseases, diagnosis and treatment of complex and difficult joint diseases and research. He is proficient in arthroscopic minimally invasive and joint replacement surgery, orthopedic deformity, minimally invasive spine treatment, and combined with minimally invasive technology for the treatment of limb fractures.