Our Doctor

Robbie Wang

Robbie Wang is a physiotherapist with expertise and experience in musculoskeletal and sports medicine. After graduating from University, Robbie attended the University of Wisconsin in the United States, where he undertook scientific research and attained a Master of Science (Kinesiology). 

Prior to Yosemite Clinic and Yosemite Hospital, Robbie had worked at several international hospitals and clinics. He is a current committee member of the Physiotherapy Section under China Rehabilitation Medicine Association.

His clinical practice primarily encompasses orthopedics postoperative (ACL reconstruction, meniscus repair, internal fixation fracture, etc), sports injury (shoulder impingement, running knee, achilles tendinitis, etc), chronic pain (cervical pain, disc hernation, muscle strain, etc.), function training (sport-specific, physical training), postpartum rehabilitation (pelvic repair, rectus separation). Comprehensive physical therapy for patients/guests, including but not limited manual therapy, exercise therapy, and functional training.