Our Doctor

DR. Anselm Pai

Dr. Pai graduated from Shanghai University of traditional chinese medicine with a bachelor's degree in integrated chinese and western medicine, master degree in traditional chinese medicine from Hong Kong Baptist University. Author of TCM treating chronic urticaria and diarrhea predominant irritable bowel syndrome.


Trained by Dr.Fan Bin, deputy chief physician of Dermatology Department of YueYang Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital, Professor Ge FuPei of acupuncture department of Longhua Hospital, and Dr. Zhu LingYu, deputy chief physician of Department of Gastroenterology.

He is specialized in:

Gastroenterology: reflux esophagitis, achalasia of cardia, chronic gastritis, irritable bowel syndrome, gastric distension, stomachache, etc.          

Gynaecology: irregular menstruation, uterine fibroids, primary dysmenorrhea, premature ovarian failure, functional uterine bleeding, infertility, etc.