Our Doctor

DR. Linna LIN

Dr. Linna Lin is a renowned orthopedic surgeon with over 22 years of clinical practice. She graduated from Shanghai Railway Medical College in 1997, which is now famously known as Tongji University School of Medicine.

She practiced medicine at Tongji Hospital (affiliated with Toongji University) for many years and completed advanced training at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), and top hospitals in Shanghai (Huashan Hospital, Xinhua Hospital, Shanghai Children’s Hospital, Shanghai Hospital of TCM).

Dr. Lin has extensive experience in diagnosing and treating common orthopedic conditions like sports injuries and congenital orthopedic disorders. She specializes in minimally invasive orthopedic surgery (including pediatric orthopedics), fracture reduction, arthroscopy, and integrating Chinese and Western medicine.