DR. Jean LIU

"Communication always comes first and by heart"-- Dr. Jean Liu.

Dr. Jean Liu has graduated from Medical College of Soochow University. She has worked in Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital for 4 years and has undergone further studies in LuWan Branch of RuiJin Hospital in 2011. She also worked in KongJiang Hospital for between 2013-2017 with advanced studies in XinHua Hospital in 2017. Dr. Liu is an experienced anesthesiologist with solid clinical anesthetic technique.  She accompanies patients during perioperative period and provides effective life support for critically ill and trauma patients.  Dr. Liu practices under the concept from Refined Anesthesia and Comfort Medicine, which advocates for improving patient's satisfaction by comfortable and humanized experiences in clinical setting.

"Just had a wonderful sleep!" is the patient's heartfelt remark and affirming the work of the anesthesia team.