Our Doctor

DR. Guangyu LIU

Deputy Chief/Associate Professor, Department of Breast Surgery at Fudan University Cancer Hospital. Member of China Breast Cancer Society (CBCS).

Dr. Liu graduated from Fudan University with a clinical master’s degree in 2000 and obtained PhD in oncology in 2004.  He has been a visiting scholar in pathology department at University of Manitoba, Canada between 2002 to 2003 and M.D. Anderson Oncology Center, U.S.A. in 2006. Dr. Liu specializes in early detection and diagnosis, multidisciplinary and surgical treatment of breast malignant tumor.

Dr. Liu currently serves as the Deputy Chief/Associate Professor in Fudan University Cancer Hospital’s Breast Surgery Department.  He has published over 40 articles in well recognized scientific journals which includes 16 articles in SCI journals.  He has been an editor for oncology textbook and a member of editorial committee for “Cancer Prevention Studies” and “Chinese Metastatic Cancer.”  He serves as the vice-chairman for Shanghai anti-cancer breast cancer committee and a regular member for China anti-cancer committee.