Our Doctors

DR. Jun GU

Dr. Gu Jun graduated from Wuhan University School of Medicine. He has participated in many conferences held by the Chinese Orthopedic Association (COA) and has been engaged in clinical practice, teaching, and research for a long time.

Prior to joining YC, Dr. Gu was the deputy director of orthopedics and the director of the sports medicine department at top-notch hospitals in Wuhan.

Dr. Gu has nearly 20 years of clinical orthopedic work experience, specializing in all kinds of arthroscopy minimally invasive surgery. He has also made great contributions to research in limb fractures and severe trauma. He is good at joint replacement, fractures of the extremities, supracondylar fractures of the humerus, distal radius fractures, humeral fractures, ankle fractures, various types of extremity tumor resection, lateral and collateral ligament repair surgery, and many other operations.

“Amiable, approachable, sincere, and trustworthy,” are how patients describe Dr. Gu.