Family Medicine

Our General Practitioners or Family Doctors are trained to take care of the medical needs of the whole family. Family doctors will spend time listening to your history and getting to know you and your family and over time will follow your medical history, from annual health checks, to acute illnesses, like seasonal flu, as well as any health concerns that require ongoing monitoring and medical management. Our family doctors will also refer you to a medical specialist if needed to add specific expertise and will then communicate with the specialist to ensure ongoing treatment. 

Our general practitioners have received extensive professional training, making them good at managing all kinds of chronic diseases and acute illnesses. They can provide comprehensive treatment and adhere to the development of personalized health records for each customer, so that doctors during the entire treatment process can get a quick overview of your overall situation and family history. Our Family Medicine department provides you with health check-ups, management of chronic diseases including their prevention, and screening methods of tumors associated with a high morbidity, among other support. If specialist treatment is required, we will contact your specialist or coordinate with referral services. Our general practitioner is a lifelong guardian of health for you and your family.