Insurance Partners


We offer convenient and efficient direct settlement and related pre-paid services. Different healthcare insurance companies have different policies and plans. To ensure our service quality and valid direct insurance payments and claims, we encourage you to carefully read your insurance plans or contact our insurance division to confirm your insurance benefits. Please do make sure to provide us with your insurance certificate and current ID (ID card, passport, driver’s license, etc.). 
Tel: 4008-500-911.


Q Does Yosemite Clinic provide direct billing services through healthcare insurance?Q Where can I buy healthcare insurance from?
A Yes. We provide convenient direct billing settlement for many partner insurance companies. Please check with our Customer Service Team for details. If you are required to PAY AND CLAIM, our team will assist you by preparing the documents. Please remember to bring your ID card or passport and insurance card.A Yosemite Clinic does not sell healthcare insurance, however, we can provide contact information of third party agents or related insurance companies that can assist.
Q My insurance plan includes health screening. Can I directly make an appointment for a check-up package?Q Does my insurance plan cover all the fees of my treatment at Yosemite Clinic?
A Every client's health insurance plan and benefits are different. You can check with your insurance company or prior to making an appointment, our Billing team can check your benefit for you. You must register with Yosemite and provide your insurance details, so we can check on your behalf.A There are many different types of insurance plans and each of them has different benefits. For medical imaging, such as CT and MRI or surgery, we will contact your insurance company 24-48 hours in advance to get the confirmation letter.
Q My insurance company does not collaborate with Yosemite Clinic for direct billing services. What should I do?


If there is currently not a DIRECT BILLING relationship, we will assist you with preparing the documents for a PAY AND CLAIM. If you do not have Health Insurance, we accept Cash, Credit Cards, WeChat, Allipay.